Greenland Prime Minister Threatens European Union to Block Preliminary Mineral Resources Deal

by Colonel on March 9, 2013

“Greenland’s prime minister warned the European Union he could scrap a preliminary deal intended to safeguard the bloc’s access to his country’s huge mineral resources, saying Brussels has failed to follow through.

Kleist’s comments to Reuters signal Greenland may be increasingly willing to play off rival powers from Brussels to Beijing that are drawn by its minerals as global warming opens up sea routes and mining prospects.

Kleist, who grew up harpooning whales from a remote village in northern Greenland, faces a general election next week which is widely seen as a referendum on his opening up of the country to foreign investment, especially in minerals and oil.

To the dismay of many European politicians, China has been eyeing investments in the former Cold War ally of the West, which include iron, zinc and rare earth minerals.

” – Alistair Scrutton, Copyright 2013 Thomson Reuters

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