Medical Examiner: NYPD Officers Shot 16 Year-Old Kimani Gray 7 Times

by Colonel on March 13, 2013

Many in the community, including Gray’s family, contest police allegations that the teen was armed with a handgun when he was shot by two plain-clothes officers. Those suspicions on the street intensified Wednesday when an autopsy report by the city medical examiner revealed Gray was hit by seven bullets – three to the back – during the confrontation with cops Saturday night.

It was not clear in what order the shots struck the teen or whether he had his back to the police when they opened fire .

An eyewitness to the shooting told the Daily News that the youth did not have a gun in his hand.

But a police spokesman said that when the witness was asked what she saw by detectives, she told them she couldn’t see the incident clearly “from the angle I was at.”

” — Chelsia Rose Marcius, Joe Kemp, and Shane Dixon Kavanaugh, Copyright 2013

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