Thomson Reuters Social Media Editor Indicted For Conspiring With Anonymous to Hack a Tribune Website in 2010

by Colonel on March 14, 2013

“Thomson Reuters deputy social media editor Matthew Keys will face charges next month after being indicted Thursday for allegedly conspiring with members of the hacking group “Anonymous” to infiltrate a Tribune site shortly after he was fired.

Keys, 26, who once worked at Fox 40 in Sacramento, was charged with three hacking-related counts and faces up to 10 years in prison for the December 2010 attack.

According to federal authorities, Keys provided a user name and password for Tribune servers to hackers in an online chat room after he was terminated from KTXL FOX 40 in late October of that year and “encouraged” them to disrupt the site. With the information from Keys, prosecutors allege, a hacker accessed a news story on The Times’ website and changed a headline to read: “Pressure builds in House to elect CHIPPY 1337.”

” — Victoria Kim, Copyright 2013 The Los Angeles Times

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