Accidental Explosion Kills 7 Marines During Military Training Exercises at Hawthorne Army Depot in Nevada

by Colonel on March 19, 2013

“Seven Marines were killed as the result of an explosion during a Marine Corps training exercise at Hawthorne Army Depot in western Nevada, the Marine Corps said Tuesday. Eight others were injured.

The cause of the blast was a 60 mm round that detonated inside a mortar tube, injuring the mortar crew and supporting personnel, a military official told CNN.

A representative of Nevada’s Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority said four medical helicopters were sent to transport patients to hospitals.

Earlier, Lt. Col. Craig Short, Hawthorne’s deputy commander, said a traffic accident at the facility around 10 p.m. was related to the blast, but he didn’t explain what the connection was.

The Hawthorne Army Depot, about 140 miles southeast of Reno, is used for storing ammunition and weapon stocks awaiting demilitarization. The facility also provides high desert training facilities for military units.

” — Barabara Starr, Copyright 2013 Cable News Network

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