Exclusion of Assault Weapons Ban Upsets Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)

by Colonel on March 19, 2013

“Senator Dianne Feinstein, the California Democrat who 35 years ago discovered the bullet-riddled body of the gay activist Harvey Milk, reacted with anger on Tuesday that gun control legislation the Senate is to consider next month will not include the reinstatement of an assault weapons ban, a measure she had fought desperately to keep.

“How many assault weapons do you need circulating?” Ms. Feinstein said … noting that her bill … exempted many weapons. “To have these mass killings is such a blight on everything that America stands for.”

Senate Democrats plan to introduce after the Easter recess a bill widely supported by both parties that would increase the penalties for people who buy guns for those barred from having them, known as straw purchasing. …

“I tried my best,” Ms. Feinstein said… “My best, I guess, wasn’t good enough.”

” — Jennifer Steinhauer, Copyright 2013 The New York Times Company

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