University of Central Florida Police Release Helmet Camera of Officers Searching Shooter’s Dorm (Video)

by Colonel on March 19, 2013

“Florida authorities released footage captured by an officer’s body-mounted camera of the search through the would-be gunman’s dorm in UCF’s Tower 1.

” — Copyright 2013 CBS Interactive Inc.

“At a news briefing on Tuesday, police offered new information on the case but some aspects remained a mystery. Police revealed that two packages were found that had been mailed to Seevakumaran but unopened that contained new ammunition clips and a sling for the tactical weapon.

Police also showed a video, taken by an officer wearing a camera, that showed an officer entering the dorm room and more officers quickly walking around the apartment as strobe lights flashed and the fire alarm blared. It shows them locating the body and seeing a weapon.

UCF Police Chief Richard Beary said there is nothing that has turned up yet to indicate that Seevakumaran had ties to any group or had engaged anyone as an accomplice.

“There is no motive,” Beary said.

” – Jeff Black, Copyright 2013

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