France Drafting United Nations Security Council Resolution For Peacekeeping Force in Mali

by Colonel on March 20, 2013

“In the past year, Mali has been the scene of a military coup in the capital, Bamako, a breakaway movement in the vast inland north of the country, big military gains there by radical Islamists, and a French military intervention. France and Britain are now training Malian troops. France wants the U.N. to takeover with a peacekeeping mission and next week, the U.N. Security Council will take up that and other questions about Mali.

The organization will get a report from Anthony Banbury, who has just returned from a trip to Mali. Mr. Banbury used to work on the U.S. National Security Council and he’s now the U.N. assistant secretary-general for field support.

BANBURY: I think the United Nations is going to need to be committed and engaged in Mali for quite some time to come.

” — Copyright 2013 NPR

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