Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Hacked E-Mail Memos Reveal: Saudi Arabian Sunni Funding Behind Algeria Hostage Crisis

by Colonel on March 20, 2013

“RT provides excerpts from a second memo from Blumenthal to Clinton dated February 16 marked as coming “from extremely sensitive sources and should be handled with care.” In this memo, Blumenthal reports a consensus among affected governments in the region that the Benghazi and Algerian gas field attacks were coordinated by Al-Qaeda related terrorist groups, financed by Sunni Muslim sources in Saudi Arabia.

RT does not provide information about two other Blumenthal-Clinton memos related to Benghazi.

The reader should be warned that these are first and partial accounts of hacked emails that  may be fabricated by someone with a hidden agenda. Time will tell whether they have any credence.

” — Paul Roderick Gregory, Copyright 2013 LLC

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