British Health Minister Advises Banning Use of Preventative Antibiotics in Livestock

by Colonel on March 21, 2013

“Dangerous new superbugs are being created by farmers routinely giving antibiotics to perfectly healthy animals, it has been claimed.

Health minister Anna Soubry has now called on farmers, vets and drug companies to put a stop to the policy to protect human health. 

Livestock are often given antibiotics whether or not they are unwell as a  preventative measure to stop diseases spreading, but the bugs are increasingly developing resistance to the drugs. 

If these superbugs then infect humans through food poisoning, the health consequences can be severe. …

Last year, Cambridge scientists found a superbug version of MRSA in milk that had also been found in pigs, and it is thought the use of antibiotics on farms has been responsible for the emergence of a superbug version of E.coli that has been associated with more than 50 deaths.

” — Sean Poulter, Copyright 2013 Associated Newspapers Ltd.

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