Mali Local Council: Civil Servants and State Officials Have Yet to Return to Gao, 6 Weeks After France Recaptured the City

by Colonel on March 21, 2013

“Residents of Gao are waiting for state officials to come back, six weeks after French-led troops recaptured this northern Malian city from Islamist fighters.

“There is simply no administration here. The Malian administration, the one we have known from the independence to 2012, it has disappeared from Gao”, local official Issa Taher told FRANCE 24.

Elected members of the local council said that a majority of the civil servants and state officials had yet to come back.

One of them told FRANCE 24 that he had risked his life to save Gao’s land registry when rebel groups entered Gao last year.

Most official buildings were looted and partially destroyed in the fighting.

Local officials now face the daunting task of convincing local shopkeepers to resume paying taxes while small pockets of Islamist fighters are believed to be hiding out in the surroundings.

” — Julien Sauvaget, Copyright 2013 France24

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