Report: Authorities in Standoff With Officer Candidate School Staff Member at Quantico Marine Corps Base

by Colonel on March 22, 2013

“A base spokesman says one person is dead after a shooting at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia and authorities are in a standoff with a suspect who’s barricaded himself in barracks.

Lt. Agustin Solivan says the shooting happened around 11 p.m. Thursday and authorities are in a standoff with the suspect that’s gone into early Friday.

Solivan says they believe the suspect is a staff member at the officer candidate school at the base.

No information on the victim has been released.

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“A Virginia Marine base was on lockdown early Friday morning following an isolated shooting incident, authorities said.

The shooter is holed up inside a building at the Quantico Marine Base, said 1st Lt. Agustin Solivan, a Marine Corps spokesman.

There appears to be one casualty in the shooting late Thursday night, but the condition of the victim is unclear.

Both the shooter and victim are still at the scene, he said.

The lockdown was announced across the base using a public address system. Everyone was ordered to stay in their homes with the door locked.

The shooter is believed to be a Marine, but the motive is unknown, according to Solivan.

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“One person was killed in a shooting at the Marine base Quantico, Va. Thursday night, officials told NBC News.

The shooting was reported at around 11 p.m. Prince William County and military police responded to the scene.

A suspect is believed to be isolated in the barrack of the Officer Candidate School campus and the base is in lockdown, Lt. Agustin Solivan told NBC News.

A message posted on Quantico’s Facebook page told residents to remain in their homes with their doors locked.

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