British Gas Reserves Critically Low; Could Run Out Within 36 Hours

by Colonel on March 22, 2013

“Britain’s gas reserves could run out in 36 hours – leaving the country dependent on costly foreign imports.

The UK’s gas stores have less than two days’ supplies remaining after plunging temperatures forced millions of householders to turn up their heating.

And today there were warnings from energy giant SSE of the ‘very real risk’ of the lights going out in Britain.

With more snow forecast today and the unseasonable freeze to continue into next week, the UK could be left relying on expensive imports from Norway through an under-sea pipeline.

The shortfall is likely to push up the long-term price of gas and could result in household tariffs rising by up to 15 per cent before next winter, adding more than £200 on to family bills, analysts warned.

” — Peter Campbell and Matt Chorley, Copyright 2013 Associated Newspapers Ltd

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