Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu Announces Normalized Relations With Turkey Following President Obama’s Visit

by Colonel on March 22, 2013

“President Barack Obama arrived in Jordan on Friday after scoring a diplomatic coup just before leaving Israel when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu phoned his Turkish counterpart to apologize for an Israeli commando raid in 2010 that killed eight Turks and an American of Turkish origin in a Gaza-bound flotilla.

The apology, long sought by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan, brought a restoration of normal relations between Turkey and Israel … according to a statement from Netanyahu’s office.

It happened in the phone call during a final meeting between Obama and Netanyahu at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv minutes before Air Force One departed for Jordan.

The Israeli government statement said the apology included an offer of compensation.

Obama, who U.S. officials said also took part in the call at one point, issued a statement that welcomed the development.

” – Tom Cohen. John King and Jessica Yellin, Copyright 2013 Cable News Network

“Obama got on the line toward the end of the call, greeted Erdogan, and suggested they talk more in the near future. But Obama’s participation in the call was minimal. …

The White House doesn’t want to take took much credit for the breakthrough, but the senior administration official said the warming of Israel-Turkey relations has been an administration goal for a long time.

But did Obama actually press Netanyahu to make the call?, one reporter asked. The official would say only that the two leaders had been discussing the issue over the last couple of days.

As for why the call took place in a trailer on the tarmac at the airport, the official explained that it was the only time the three leaders could get together on the phone.

” — Josh Rogin, Copyright 2013 The Foreign Policy Group LLC

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