Analysis: Evolving Republican Reversal on Gay Marriage Brings Big Money Opportunity

by Colonel on March 24, 2013

“Republican fundraisers say the changing views of gay marriage in their party could unlock big money from GOP donors in places like New York, California and Florida — where some Republicans have kept their checkbooks closed over what they saw as misplaced priorities, at best, or intolerance, at worst. …

Several Republicans pointed to Sen. Rob Portman’s switch in support of gay marriage as a watershed moment for the party. And more than two dozen high-profile GOP-ers asked the Supreme Court to back gay rights. And even Foster Friess, Rick Santorum’s top benefactor, has softened his stance.

It’s not clear how much money could come from donors supportive of the party’s move toward new thoughts on gay marriage.

Several lawmakers told POLITICO the issue has come up in meetings with potential big donors, who take a different view than the party base.

” — Anna Palmer and Tarini Parti, Copyright 2013 Politico LLC

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