Egyptian President Morsi Labels Protests “Criminal Acts”, an “Incitement to Violence”

by Colonel on March 25, 2013

“Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi said on Sunday that the clashes that took place on Friday near the Muslim Brotherhood’s headquarters in Muqattam are criminal acts that have nothing to do with the January uprising.

Clashes erupted near the Brotherhood’s headquarters between the supporters of the Islamist group and their rivals, injuring more than 200 persons on Friday afternoon.

Political forces have called for protests in front of the Brotherhood’s headquarters in what they dubbed as “Friday of Dignity” in response to assaults by the Brotherhood’s guards on journalists and women activists that occurred last week.

“Freedom of Assembly is a constitutional right, but aggression against citizens and properties is punishable by law,” Mursi stressed through the Egyptian presidency’s Twitter account.

The president added that he would not tolerate any violation of law, whether the violations are committed by his supporters or opponents.

” — Aswat Masriya, Copyright 2013 AllAfrica

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