U.S. Senate Rejects Budget Resolution Carbon Tax Amendment

by Colonel on March 25, 2013

“Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, a liberal Rhode Island Democrat, offered an amendment to the proposed fiscal 2014 budget resolution calling for “establishment of a fee on carbon pollution.” The amendment didn’t suggest who’d pay the fee or how large it would be; it required only that the fee not increase the deficit and that all the revenue raised be “returned to the American people in the form of federal deficit reduction, reduced federal tax rates, cost savings or other direct benefits.”

That’s such a wide set of options, it left room for the Senate to consider all of the carbon-tax proposals that have been floated. Some would use the revenue to narrow the federal budget gap; others would lower corporate and personal tax rates. …

The big tent notwithstanding, the Senate rejected the amendment handily, 58 to 41. All 45 of the chamber’s Republicans voted against it, as did 13 Democrats from energy-producing or swing states.

” — Jon Healy, Copyright 2013 Tribune Company

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