President Obama Campaigns For Gun Control Reform in West Hartford, Connecticut

by Colonel on April 8, 2013

“With the families of children killed in last year’s Newtown school shooting looking on, President Barack Obama on Monday made an emotional plea for Americans to urge Congress to pass new gun control measures.

“We all have to stand up,” Obama said in a speech in Hartford, Conn., where he flew to try and maintain faltering momentum for a package of new gun laws the Senate could take up this week. ”If you want the people you send to Washington to have just an iota of courage that the educators at Sandy Hook showed when danger arrived on their doorstep, then we’ll all have to stand up.”

Eleven parents and spouses of Newtown victims were set to board Air Force One to fly to Washington after the speech, where they’ll spend three days lobbying Congress to pass the new … laws.

” — Kasie Hunt, Copyright 2013

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