North Korea Threatens To Strike Colorado Springs (But Doesn’t Know Where It Is)

by Colonel on April 14, 2013

“The latest ridiculous North Korean propaganda video includes threats to launch that nation’s (untested) KN-08 missiles at four U.S. cities: Washington, Colorado Springs, Colo., Los Angeles and Honolulu.

The only problem is that the video, released by the state-run media organization Uriminzokkiri, misidentifies Colorado Springs’ location by about 1,000 miles. …

You can hear the narrator mention Colorado Springs at about 1 minute, 20 seconds into the video, as a scary-looking line is shown shooting out from North Korea and landing somewhere in the vicinity of Shreveport, La., a 900-mile drive southeast from the intended target.

Fortunately for Coloradans and Louisianans, the KN-08 is untested and so has not demonstrated the ability to reach anywhere near the U.S. mainland, much less with the  accuracy required to hit a precise location.

” — Max Fisher, Copyright 2013 The Washington Post Company

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