NBC and Fox Reports: Boston Police With Suspect in Custody at Hospital Despite Police Commissioner’s Denial

by Colonel on April 15, 2013

“Federal officials told NBC News that Boston police were guarding a “possible suspect” who had been wounded in the blasts, but they cautioned that there was no information at the federal level to consider that person a suspect.

A third, undetonated device was found near the finish line, a House Homeland Security Committee official and three law enforcement officials told NBC News. Authorities also reported an explosion at the John F. Kennedy presidential library, elsewhere in the city, more than an hour after the blasts, but police said that it appeared to be caused by a fire. The police commissioner urged people in Boston to stay inside.

Five hospitals reported at least 86 people injured, including at least two children. Dr. Alisdair Conn, chief of emergency medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital.

” — Erin McClam, Copyright 2013 NBCNews.com

“The New York Post and FOX Sports were reporting that a suspect was in custody after two explosions went off near the finish of the Boston Marathon. With the reports gaining steam, the Boston Police Department quickly stepped up to put an end to that speculation.

Authorities have made it very clear that there is no suspect in custody, but they are questioning multiple people as they attempt to gather more information.

Federal authorities have said that the FBI is unsure whether or not this is a domestic or international attack, but it is being approached as a terrorist act.

” — Josh Sanchez, Copyright 2013 FanSided

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