Fertilizer Plant Explosion in West, Texas, Kills Unknown Number of People, Possibly Dozens

by Colonel on April 18, 2013

“A fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas, north of Waco, killed as many as 60 or 70 people and injured hundreds according to an estimate from West EMS Director Dr. George Smith.

Meanwhile, the residents of the town of 2700 are being asked to evacuate due to ammonia fumes after the explosion of West Fertilizer, located at 1471 Jerry Mashek Dr. just off Interstate 35.  School buses and ambulances are being used to evacuate residents from the area.

Emergency crews from central and north Texas have been called in to help respond to the injuries and destruction from the explosion.

Tommy Muska, West’s mayor, said at a news conference three hours after the explosion that he didn’t yet know how many people had been injured or killed. He said buildings in a five-block radius from the plant were severely damaged by the explosion.

” — Copyright 2013 CBS Local Media Inc.

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