Boston Marathon Bombers’ Aunt: They’re Innocent; Bombing Could’ve Been Staged

by Colonel on April 19, 2013

“Maret Tsarnaeva, the aunt of the brothers suspected of bombing the Boston marathon, said that her first reaction when contacted by federal investigators was disbelief.

“My first quote to the F.B.I.: They could not have done this,” she told reporters on Friday afternoon in Toronto.

“My first reaction was anger,” she said. “How could this happen?”

She said that if there was proof that her nephews were guilty, she would have no choice to believe it, but that she remained unconvinced.

“I am suspicious that this was staged,” she said.

She described the boys as “normal young men”.

The boys have two sisters, she said. …

Their parents, however, returned at some point to Makhachkala … near Chechnya, she said.

She said that one of the men, Tamerlan, had only recently started to routinely pray and practice Islam.

” — Copyright 2013 The New York Times Company

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