Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects Rob A 7/11, Shoot And Kill An MIT Campus Police Officer And Hijack Car

by Colonel on April 19, 2013

“Two suspects armed with explosives and guns battled law enforcement officers in a Boston suburb early Friday morning, unleashing chaos until cops took one of the men into custody, witnesses and authorities said.

The standoff in Watertown, Mass., erupted shortly after the fatal shooting of a Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer.

The tense situation in Watertown followed an hours-long lockdown at MIT, where a campus police officer was shot and killed while investigating a disturbance on the Cambridge campus.

As investigators swept the campus, there were reports of violence and an extremely heavy police presence in Watertown. …

The events began unfolding with reports of shots fired on the MIT campus at 10:48 p.m. ET, and the situation remained “active and extremely dangerous” for hours… It was later reported that a campus officer had been fatally shot several times.

” — Becky Bratu, Jonathan Dienst, Kerry Sanders, and Tom Winter, Copyright 2013

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