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Iran launches Spanish TV channel to broadcast to the people of friendly governments in Latin America including Cuba and Venezuela

January 31, 2012

“Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has officially launched a Spanish-language satellite TV channel, saying it would deal a blow to “dominance seekers” – remarks that were an apparent dig at the US and the west. Iran’s broadcasting company said Hispan TV, the first Spanish-language channel airing from the Middle East, will broadcast news, documentaries, movies and Iranian films 24 hours a day.”

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Ron Paul favors lifting the Cuban Embargo, resuming diplomatic relations with Cuba

January 27, 2012

“Ron Paul took a risky position in Florida in Thursday’s debate, calling for communication and diplomatic relations with Cuba, saying that people’s positions have changed dramatically over the last few years.”

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Cuban President Raul Castro implementing a series of unprecedented economic reforms ‘without haste’ in an effort to avoid mistakes

January 13, 2012

“Cuba’s President, Raul Castro, has said that a series of unprecedented economic reforms on the Communist-run island are being implemented “as they should be”, and would be completed “without haste” in an effort to avoid mistakes. He was speaking during a brief – and rare – encounter with journalists at the end of a visit by Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. But Mr Castro also cautioned against expecting too much more from the first-ever Communist Party conference in Cuba, to be held at the end of this month.”

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On the 10th Anniversary of the Prison at Guantanamo Bay, its future is unclear with no end in sight

January 13, 2012

“The string of victories that Guantanamo detainees enjoyed in U.S. District Court has been reversed by the federal appeals court in Washington. The Obama administration has insisted that restrictions imposed by Congress are so onerous, it cannot repatriate or resettle the detainees it has cleared for transfer. And as the facility approaches its 10th anniversary on Wednesday, human rights groups have bemoaned its seeming permanency and the Obama administration’s failure to close it.”

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Fidel Castro: A robot would be better than Obama or any of the Republican candidates

January 12, 2012

“Cuban revolutionary icon Fidel Castro said Monday that a “robot” would be better in the White House than President Barack Obama — or any of the Republicans candidates in the 2012 election race.”

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The Obama Administration extends temporary protected status to El Salvadoran nationals through late 2013

January 10, 2012

“The Obama administration has extended temporary protected status to El Salvadoran nationals through late 2013, shielding them from deportation and forcible return to their home country. The Department of Homeland Security cites ongoing disruptions from a series of earthquakes in 2001, concluding that “El Salvador remains unable, temporarily, to handle adequately the return of its nationals.”

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Former Panama Military Dictator Manuel Noriega returns home to face more jail time after serving over 20 years in the United States and France

December 11, 2011

“Former Panama strongman Manuel Noriega has returned home to Panama under tight security, after serving more than 20 years in prisons in the United States and France for drug trafficking and money laundering. Noriega, military dictator 1983-1989, now faces three separate sentences for crimes committed in Panama, including the murder of critics.”

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Nicaragua’s re-elected President Ortega promises more of the same

November 10, 2011

“Newly re-elected President Daniel Ortega said Tuesday there won’t be any dramatic changes in his new administration and that he will continue taking Nicaragua on a path that is “Christian, socialist and in solidarity.”

In his first public speech since his landslide win in Sunday’s presidential election, the one-time Sandinista revolutionary discarded major policy changes in his second consecutive term in office.

“Why change if we’re doing a good job,” said the onetime firebrand Marxist who in recent years has espoused a politics of personality based on Christianity, socialism and free enterprise.

Electoral council President Roberto Rivas officially declared Ortega the winner on Tuesday, though the incumbent president had a 63 percent to 31 percent lead over his nearest rival with 86 percent of the votes counted on Monday.”

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Cuban President Raul Castro picks former Fidel rebel fighter, General Leopoldo Cintra Frias

November 9, 2011

“Cuban General Leopoldo Cintra Frias, who joined Fidel Castro’s rebel movement in the 1950s, was appointed the island nation’s defense minister, the government said.

Cintra, 70, assumes the position following the death of Julio Casas Regueiro in September. General Alvaro Lopez Miera, 68, replaces Cintra as vice-minister of defense, state-run Granma newspaper reported today on its website.”

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Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega wins re-election by a landslide

November 7, 2011

“Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, a socialist former guerrilla leader, cruised to a landslide re-election victory after drawing broad support for his anti-poverty programs.

Ortega had 62.7 percent of the vote with returns in from 86 percent of polling stations in Sunday’s presidential election. That was more than double the tally for his closest rival, conservative radio personality Fabio Gadea.

Ortega’s supporters poured into the streets of Managua to celebrate. “I’m happy … I think that people are convinced, they voted for social programs, voted for the future, voted for the poor,” said lawyer Silvia Calderon, 54.

Gadea refused to accept the results and accused Ortega of voter fraud, but international election observers said voting irregularities had not changed the final result.”

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Perez Molina wins the Guatemalan Presidential Election

November 7, 2011

“Retired army Gen. Otto Perez Molina won Sunday’s runoff presidential election in Guatemala, seizing on voters’ concerns about growing insecurity in the Central American nation.

With 98% of ballots counted, he led with more than 54% of the vote, said Guatemala’s election authority. His opponent, businessman Manuel Baldizon, garnered close to 46% of the vote.

Perez Molina, a retired army general who pledged to take a tough stand on crime, was the front-runner heading into the election. He won the most votes in the first round of voting in September.

Low voter turnout was reported in Sunday’s election, according to the state-run AGN news agency.”

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Cuba announces the legalization of selling and purchasing private property, starting on November 10

November 3, 2011

“Cuba announced Thursday it will allow real estate to be bought and sold for the first time since the early days of the revolution, the most important reform yet in a series of free-market changes under President Raul Castro. The law, which takes effect Nov. 10, applies to citizens living in Cuba and permanent residents only, according to a red-letter headline on the front page of Thursday’s Communist Party daily Granma and details published in the government’s Official Gazette.

The law limits Cubans to owning one home in the city and another in the country, an effort to prevent the accumulation of large real estate holdings. It requires that all real estate transactions be made through Cuban bank accounts so that they can be better regulated, and says the transactions will be subject to bank commissions. Sales will also be subject to an 8 percent tax on the assessed value of the property, paid equally by buyer and seller. In the case where Cubans exchange homes of equal value in a barter agreement, each side will pay 4 percent of the value of their home.”

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Mexican Drug Cartels threaten to behead American DEA Agents

July 4, 2011

[expand title=Read More] Source “A spray-painted sign threatening death for U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents was found Friday next to a school in a northern Mexico state capital, officials said. Addressed with profanity to “Gringos (D.E.A.),” the unsigned graffiti warned: “We know where you are and we know who you are and where you go. We [...]

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